I run MESYM.com with my partner Leo and we aim to connect the green dots in Malaysia by providing a non-profit, community-driven platform for environmentalists in Malaysia.

This website arose out of a personal need for a bird's eye view of environmental movements in Malaysia. At the same time when Leo and I decided to build an online community, we discovered MESYM.com (version 1), founded by Lim Gene Harn. MESYM 1.0 was a one-man-show where Gene collected all the information on environmental events, actions and profiles, and posted it up on the website. We decided to collaborate and expand the capabilities of MESYM.com, so that the community could upload their own content.

MESYM 2.0 was born after a few months of intensive development, completely revamping the infrastructure and rebranding the logo. Due to his busy schedule, Gene left the team - thus leaving Leo and I as the main drivers. We brought in some new volunteers who contributed to the design, content, and direction. We also started a monthly Documentary Night to bring the online community offline.

I cannot overstate how much I believe in this project. So much so that Leo and I are willing to work on it, full time and without pay, just to make sure that the startup survives. Somewhere along the way I found a great job that also pays the bills, thus lifting us out of financial uncertainty. We continue to persevere and push the project through. One day we hope that the community will achieve a tipping point and we will be able to mainstream sustainability and environmental consciousness in the Malaysian public. 

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