My Writings

I write regularly for, the non-profit environmental platform that I run. The articles are mainly centred around the environmental issues in Malaysia. I also write for newspaper columns occasionally.

For research and academic publications, please check out these other sections, on my studies on CouchSurfing and trust, and my work on blogging and democratization in Malaysia. There’s also my blog on random ramblings that you may want to check out.

Articles in

Here are all my articles written on You can click on any of the articles and they will display within the widget. (Alternatively you can also open the articles in a new window from the button at the top right corner.

Articles in the New Straits Times

2013: Social enterprises may save Earth

2014: Recycling good for us and nature – Originally titled “Recycling as a social endeavour”. The awkward paragraphing is also not mine 😛

2015: People economy for inclusive growth