I keep feeling like blogging but as with true Jun-E fashion, from the beginning of my blogging career (oh yes I had a blogging career – a little known one though), about one out of four of my drafts actually become real posts. The rest lie in a graveyard of drafts, hoping for a day of resurrection.

And then I think of posting pictures, maybe of Turkey, or of my first deceased cat Bob, or my two alive cats Spot and Kenneth. The only obstacle is that I’d have to resize the pictures because the file sizes are above the 2MB limit. It already takes a lot of effort to comb through the thousands of pictures that I have, curate them under a theme, and run them under my critical eye. Now I have to resize them as well?

Laziness will be the death of me. Literally. I’ve been feeling rather lethargic nowadays because I have been quite sedentary since the operation on my eyes, so one day I had a whim to train for two hundred sit-ups. I did 45.5 (the last half was deemed a half by The Boyfriend, my appointed personal trainer) and was well pleased with myself. But yet I have not begun training – every day it’s either some event or another, or I’d be curled up in fetal position feeling too mentally exhausted to move. No exercise = shorter life.

But to be fair I really have been busy. Days fly by and I am often bewildered at the speed at which the weeks get crossed off my yearly planner. It’s mid-November already? This means that it’s been a year since I was at Turkey and had the time of my life. A month later I’d be in India, overwhelmed by widespread poverty and cow droppings. Then, I returned to Malaysia and started to build my current life… I guess in a year I have accomplished quite a lot, and I could not have anticipated my current position one year ago.

A day job, and a night job? Two cats? LASIKed eyes? New heels (that I bought a week ago at a really good price, hoho)?

New friends, a completely new research area, new sports (from dragonboating and taichi in Singapore, to yoga and capoeira in KL). And with new things comes the inevitable phasing out of old things. Sometimes I feel like every few years I undergo a complete transformation and walk into a bewilderingly different life.

One thing that remains constant is human stupidity. But of course you knew that already. You and I, we are the less stupid of the stupid which makes us slightly superior idiots.

I think I should quit while I’m ahead. This post will be known as The Post That Made It.