Here they are, bundles of joy who happen to also be gecko killers. There have been at least two casualties so far, and god knows how many more corpses they’ve left strewn outside. They’re indoor-outdoor cats. They also thrive in boxes.

Spot and Kenneth

Spot and Kenneth

One’s Spot, and the other’s Kenneth. Guess which is which.

They’re both still kittens, about 4 months old now I think. We’ve had them since end of August? I really don’t remember. And in a way they were “accidents”. At first I had another kitten Bob, who was truly awesome, but lived a short life. I’ll keep Bob for another story, but basically after Bob passed away I was heart-broken and wasn’t prepared to open my heart to any other pets – until a week later, when a bunch of friends and I were walking home from a bar and spotted these two kittens.

Spot's first day

Spot’s first day

In our drunken state it was decided that I should adopt both of them (since I had tons of cat food left from Bob’s unexpected demise) and they should also be named Spot and Kenneth. I only remember that Andrew came up with Kenneth’s name. Spot could have been nothing but a Spot. The morning after was a little awkward as I found myself face-to-face with two grubby little furballs who were now my responsibility.

And such a responsibility they were. I recall that I was still highly traumatised by Bob’s death, and I was paranoid about them dying too. My first visit to the vet with them was deeply embarrassing and involved me being a blob of blubbering mess as I sobbed to the doctor that I didn’t want them to die and Bob died and I didn’t know why Bob died and I didn’t want them to die and are they going to die like Bob? The vet was very understanding, bless his heart.

It turned out that Spot did have cat flu and had passed it on to Kenneth, so my worries were not completely unfounded. Spot was also limping out of a knee injury. The vet that Ozzy brought them to had misdiagnosed them¬†completely. I distrust the vets that operate in Bangsar now. One possibly killed Bob, and the other (that we went to, to avoid the first clinic) could have killed Spot and Kenneth. They’re super expensive, and not very good.¬†I highly recommend the vet that we go to now, Hands N Paws in Aman Suria. Also, the kind lady who facilitated Bob’s adoption at Ohana was fantastic in answering all my cat-related questions and worries. Give them all your business!

They used to be so small. Here they are in the early kittenhood, pooping together in the litter box. Spot is trying to concentrate while Kenneth observes with interest.

Spot and Kenneth Pooping Together 1

Spot and Kenneth Pooping Together 1

And here they are, a little older, in the same litter box.

Spot and Kenneth Pooping Together 1

Spot and Kenneth Pooping Together 2

At the point of writing they’ve grown so much that only one can fit in the box at a time. Gone are the days that they would poop together.

Sleeping cats

Sleeping kitties

Also gone are the days when both of them would fit on me comfortably.

The Cat Conductor

The Kitten Conductor (in the past, no longer so)

As I’m typing they’re both still asleep by my side, which makes me sleepy too. I’ll leave you with a video of them having fun with the box.