So I’ve been trying to blog to no avail. Today is the day that I finally update my blog in the new year! I owe it to all the drafts that were never published!

I can’t believe that we’re 9 days into the new year already. Oh shit I must remind myself to RSVP for something (deadline today, and I have this habit of leaving everything to the last day), and print Leo’s travel documents to Singapore. Leo says that I am cerebro de gallina (brain of a chicken), which is the Spanish way of saying scatter-brain, which is the English way of describing someone who simply does not have a functional short-term memory. Most of the time I walk into a room and wonder what I was supposed to do there. Or say something and forget what my point was mid-sentence. Or forget a person’s name immediately after I’ve been introduced to them.

That’s a problem, especially in the workplace, when all the names blur into each other and I categorise people according to their initials. Ok this person is a “Z”. It could be Zul, Zainal, Zakaria, Zara… if my brain had the capacity to store the rest of the characters beyond the Z I would probably be more confident in talking to people. I’m always afraid that I’d get caught out not knowing someone’s name, which happens.

The other day I was asked by this rather imposing lady who works in the next office (don’t know what she’s called) if one of the guys who sit outside of my office was there. Of course she said, is “Whatshisname” (pseudonym to protect the innocent) there? I froze because she was imposing, and in my two seconds of lag time Whatshisname replied that he was there. The problem is, I had always thought that Whatshisname was the guy who sat opposite this guy. I think it wasn’t good form to hesitate, but it could have been worse if I had actually answered. So now I know that Whatshisname is Whatshisname, and OtherGuy is OtherGuy.

I’ve been working in my office for a little more than 6 months, by the way.

Anyway. I don’t know how I managed to ramble on and on, but this post is looking promising so far. Maybe I’ll even publish it.

The new year has been relatively good. Workload picked up a notch, and I’m stressed lots of times, but I’m doing my best to keep myself balanced. For one, I’ve moved my working hours from 0745-1645 to 0930-1900. It’s an extra half hour that I’m staying in the office (to avoid traffic) but so far I like it. I have swum in the morning for two days in a row now. It’s just about half an hour, but it gets the daily exercise routine out of the way (it’s sometimes very hard to get motivated to exercise after a long day of work). I get more sleep (15 more minutes), and I think I’m more productive at work. I also get to eat breakfast together with Leo, who makes me coffee, and muesli+fruit. A far cry from the Milo+crackers breakfast that I’m used to eating at work.

So at least my body is being taken care of, in turn it will take care of my having to focus on work. Before you ask, I’m now typing this during my lunch time. Surely a girl can rest once in a while.

What else. I’ve started burning candles and essential oil in the office which improves my mood. We’re getting a new couch at home, courtesy of my uncle. Hand-me-downs are awesome! And this is after about 9 months without a couch. I am looking forward to it. I’m sure Spot would enjoy it too. Unfortunately I think Kenneth is lost for good. Sometimes I think of him when it rains, or when I see a straggly street cat going past. There was nothing we could have done, and this could have happened at any time since he was always the roaming type. I just hope that he’s having a better life now.

Oh well. Lunch time is over, and I should probably get back to work. Now is the decisive moment to act –

*presses publish*