Oh god. I just had the most hellish week ever. With so many unexpected things happening…. like a few months crammed into a week. There are some personal stuff that I’d prefer not to share too specifically, but I still want to blog about it, so pardon the vagueness. Four main things happened this week:

  • A Big Problem (BP) happened: Can’t share too much except that it’s big, and it’s a problem. It’s somewhat resolved now, but with big implications.
  • Work work: Had a deadline on Friday (the 17th), with multiple smaller deadlines leading up to it.
  • MESYM work: Had a deadline on Saturday (today) morning.
  • Lost cat: Spot ran away, joining his runaway brother Kenneth.

Here’s a rough idea of what happened last week, starting from exactly seven days ago:

Saturday: Was hungover and sick after a night of drinking with Rachel and Eva (through skype). Found out about the BP. The rest of the day was spent working, and being sick. Missed a childhood friend’s wedding.

Sunday: Work, as I had a deadline on Monday morning. Slept 5 hours that night.

Monday: Woke up early to work. Did not meet deadline. In the evening, had to work on BP. After solving a major step of BP, went home and slept from 11pm-2am. Woke up and worked till 7am and sent in an acceptable draft. Still incomplete but acceptable.

Tuesday (public holiday): Slept from 7am-1pm out of sheer exhaustion. Woke up and continued working until the evening, when we had a MESYM event till late. Came home, Spotty was still around. Before midnight he had left. My second cat left me.

Wednesday: Took emergency leave in the morning to work on BP. It took the entire morning, and was extremely stressful, amidstĀ  pressing work issues and a lost cat. Luckily we were able to solve it, by about 1pm. Rushed back to the office and worked till about 8pm, till I crashed my parents’ anniversary dinner – was initially going to miss it because I was so busy, but eventually I made it…. after a lot of mess like Leo’s dead phone, a lost taxi driver, and a broken down taxi. And loads of rain. Got home at 11pm and collapsed into bed.

Thursday: Woke up to work at 5:30am. Then went to the office. Got home around 8pm, continued working till about 10pm. Then started work on another MESYM-related deadline till 12am. Argued with Leo on MESYM-related work till about 1am.

Friday (public holiday): Submission deadline for the big report at work. Had to go into the office at 10am, came home at about 1pm, then started to work from 3pm…. all the way up to 9:30pm, when I submitted the report. Had dinner, and started work on MESYM from 11pm to 3am. Collapsed.

Saturday (today): Woke up at 7am to continue writing. Managed to meet MESYM deadline at 9am.

It is 10am now. I reviewed the entire week and I’m quite amazed that I’m still in one piece after the whirlwind of torment that I was subjected to. I hadn’t been this stressed for a really long time now – and it’s not only work stress (and I have two jobs), but stress from personal issues and also Spotty never came back. I slept less than 5 hours every day at irregular hours, and had no time for myself – so no exercise, no learning Spanish, no time to even just sit down and relax for the entire week.

I was supposed to go to Malacca for a field trip today to see an eco home, and a solar power plant. But no. Today I shall rest.

Even my keyboard protested about the workload- the left arrow key fell off from too much abuse. Argh. I don’t blame you at all, left arrow key. I’m sure if my liver had the option, it’d have fallen off too.

Now that I’m free to sleep, I feel completely awake. Don’t know what to do. Swim? Read? Lie around? What do normal people do when they have time?