I posted the following a couple of days ago and forgot to upload it. At the moment I am rushing two concurrent things with just 1.5 hours left till I have to rush to my dad’s birthday celebrations, and my head’s bloody spinning from all the random STUFF in my head. So what do I do? I blog. Procrastinate, meditate, what’s the diff?

What I forgot to post:


So I took a Spanish test again today through Duolingo, two months after I took it last. I’m glad to report an improvement from 3.07/5.0 to 4.26/5.0, which puts me into the vicinity of an A. (Hello Asian upbringing!) I am glad, though there is still a lot to be done. At the moment my number of vocabulary learnt is at 1065.  I’ve also started dabbling with some translating, or “immersion”, as put by Duolingo.

Other areas of my life are not satisfying enough to report – let’s say I’m trudging through some shit that I wish 1) my head would snap out of (meaning that it’s not really a big deal but my mind bends reality) and 2) would just be done already. As a result, to relax, I’ve actually turned to learning Spanish. Who would have thought Spanish grammar would be so therapeutic?