So I spent 20 minutes during lunch time doing the Neila Rey Wired Office Workout. Three sets, just to kick off – I guess I do feel a little better after it. There was even sweat! No kidding. To Leo who believes that exercising does not count if there is no sweat, I exercised today.

Behold the Spact (Sports Pact) between Eva and I, in which we promise to exercise at least four days a week. Accountability is kept through an honour and honesty system. It’s a system well-suited to the both of us honourable and honest people.

Leo and I, beyond Argentina, have decided that we have to work actively now to reverse our expanding waistlines. It is said that fitness is 20% exercise and 80% diet. As a result we are trying to cook more and eat less. As opposed to eating out all the time and stuffing our faces. We’re phasing out the artificial stock and flavour packets, and are opting for spices, herbs and natural seasoning like miso.

I will be able to judge the success of the Spact and Operation Cook More Eat Less through the tightness of my pants. In my heydays of travelling and walking everywhere I had some pants that were hanging off my hips because they were so loose. Nowadays they’re tight as I shimmy into them, reminiscing the old times when I used to slide into them and slide out of them.

Those days will return. Mark my words. In the meantime, I shall return to my work.