Things are crazy at work, but I’m feeling positive about where everything is going so I am taking a moment to blog during lunch time, to post a quote that I quite liked from this page.

I write to discover what I know.

I write to discover what I know.

I do think that it is true, especially for the work that I do, which is mostly research. By the time the text arises from many layers of fluff and things I thought I knew, something clicks and now I truly know. For a brief moment, everything makes sense, and then the process of processing knowledge continues and the clarity clouds up again.

I’m often very attached to what I write. For, it’s not only words, because it’s just the tip of the iceberg that you see. Behind those words are concepts, ideas, syntheses, observations, stirred into a wordsmith’s cauldron – where they are boiled and reduced into strings of understanding. Then these strings are carefully laid in sentences that have just the right number of words. No more, no less.

The words are the physical result of all the time spent in one’s head, when one could easily be frolicking at the beach or napping in a hammock. God knows that the space in my head is not the best place to be most of the time. It’s a dark shed filled with odds and ends, stacked with many folders of dusty and forgotten thoughts, as well as heaps of scrap paper filled with new and unfinished scribbling. It’s cluttered, and one has to swim through the junk to get to the good stuff. There is some good stuff in there. You just have to find the right ones and put the right combination into the cauldron, so that magic can happen.

Such is the effort required to put strings of words into paragraphs so that they eventually culminate into a worthy piece of writing. Let us take a moment to appreciate and respect all the people out working hard to cobble together the written word – whether in the form of novels, reports, copywriting, letters, diaries, or even haikus on a piece of napkin.

And on we persevere.