Get Drunk

Thus sets the tone of my blog Р of wine, of poetry, of virtue. Hello, world.

Oh who am I kidding. It will be wine all the way, no doubt.

La Bodega’s Ladies Night yesterday was a happy affair. Eva and I plonked our asses down on high chairs, asked for wine and the kind bartenders on the other side of the bar kept our glasses full the entire night. Oh the beauty of free, bottomless wine. I had not been so pleasantly tipsy for a long time. Rachel joined us in our merriment later in the night, and the imbibing of the luscious red liquid continued until 10pm when Ladies’ Night ended. We then adjourned to Rachel’s to check out her cloth pads.

My memory is a haze of discussions on the merits of using reusable menstruation pads and excited planning of a “padspedition”. The idea is so simple, I wonder why I had never thought about it before. Mountains of landfilled plastic pads no more.

Anyway, this is my first blog post. Hello, world.