Let it be known that 27 November 2013 was the day that I finally managed to do The Wheel!

Yoga Wheel Pose

Yoga Wheel Pose (Source)

I did get The Boyfriend to take a picture but the one that he took was so crappy that I had to use the above picture instead. After doing planks and side planks, the sun salutations, a shoulder stand and the cat pose, I half-heartedly decided to try The Wheel as I’d never been able to do it before. But for some reason it worked! I hoisted my entire body up and supported it only with my limbs! Even with the extra weight from all that binging in Penang!

This is a personal milestone indeed. What’s next, handstands? I must say that I am very much encouraged by the development of events. I was able to do it for 4 more times so it was not a freak accident. I think I’m ready to take on the twohundredsitups challenge.