So ever since I managed the wheel I have been feeling very encouraged, and also I’ve started the two hundred sit-ups challenge. How it works is that you do five sets every second day for about 6 weeks, in incremental numbers of sit-ups per set. Just the other day I jumpstarted my first week, doing 70 in total, with 4 one-minute break in between.

I’ve also been trying to think of goals to work towards. The wheel was a major milestone and confidence booster because I honestly felt quite inadequate when I was the only person within my peer group (well, granted, I’ve got a rather athletic peer group at the moment – The Boyfriend who’s danced tango and done yoga for years, Rachel who’s a capoeirista, Zara who won awards for karate, and Eva who’s ridiculously flexible and apparently has no bones, bless her marrow) who wasn’t able to do it.

Me doing the wheel

Me doing the wheel

But now that that’s behind me, the possibilities are endless! I am eager to level up to other milestones, which will require me to do a lot more training of my body, but the joy of success is worth it.

I’m looking at routines that will enable me to do hand stands, also something that I’ve never been able to do (indeed, I’ve been too intimidated to try). I have no idea how long it’s going to take me. But if it takes shorter than expected, I would like to do this after:


Of which The Boyfriend was skeptical. Well, his skepticism will be my fuel towards success! First the wheel-to-handstand, and then, take over the world!

I do recognise that there will be a process towards this though. One thing is that I’ll need to improve my upper body strength by a long shot. My arms in particular seem to be one of the weak links of my body. I don’t think I’ve ever really done a push-up in good form, mostly it is some negligible and pathetic twitching. So, as intermediate goals, I have decided to work on these two poses:

Queda de Rins of Capoeira

Queda de rins

Queda de rins (source)

Crow Pose (Bakasana) of Yoga

Crow Pose

Crow Pose (source)

These seem to be reasonable half-way points in training balance and the ability to hold up my body weight on my arms. The queda de rins is a pose that is often done at the start of capoeira class, but the teacher never really explained how we should do it, and the others usually do it within seconds, so I will need to work much more on the techniques on my own. I’ve found Youtube to be an amazing resource of tutorials!

I think I may also put up a section in Shenanigans to set fitness goals and track progress, as well as put up resources. Still not sure how to or if I’d have the time to do it though.