Oh hello it is Wednesday. The middle child of the week. Always crying out for attention, because let’s be honest, he’s not hated nor loved, he’s like the speed bump that is not high enough to be annoying (Monday I’m looking at you), but high enough to be just “there”. Everyone just wants to get over it and welcome Thursday! And after that is Friday, and then comes Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you Rebecca Black for teaching me the days of the week.

I have been good the past week. I have exercised almost every day that I could, and now I can do a very teetering crow pose. For half a second. Basically what happened was that I put a cushion in front of my face, got into the position, got my feet off the ground, had half a second of “I’M DOING IT I’M DOING IT” and promptly fell face-first into the cushion. Didn’t stop me from claiming victory, as I pranced to the livingroom, hauled The Boyfriend away from his work, and did it again.

The sit-up challenge is going well so far, as I have completed the first week. Five sets every two days, with one minute rest in between the sets. Too complicated to understand? Here’s a visualization:

[set] rest 1 min [set] rest 1 min [set] rest 1 min [set] rest 1 min [set]

rest one day

[set] rest 1 min [set] rest 1 min [set] rest 1 min [set] rest 1 min [set]

rest one day

[set] rest 1 min [set] rest 1 min [set] rest 1 min [set] rest 1 min [set]

you get the idea

The first day I did 70 sit-ups in total, the second day 85, and the third day 90. I am moving into my second week now. The goal is to be able to do two hundred consecutively, though the actual motive is to have a strong core, with which I will be able to rely upon to do other things. It’s also a procrastinating move before I take up a push-up challenge. O me feeble arms!

In other news, I’ve also taken to doing Duolingo exercises every day. My current streak is 4 days in a row, and I’ve invested in 5 lingots (double or nothing) in a seven-day streak. Don’t understand again?

[practise Spanish] [practise Spanish] [practise Spanish] [practise Spanish] [practise Spanish] [practise Spanish] [practise Spanish] = 7 day streak = I earn 10 lingots.

Alternative scenario:

[practise Spanish] [practise Spanish][forgot!] = broke 7 day streak = I lose 5 lingots. 

Lingots are the currency of Duolingo, with which you can “buy” stuff on Duolingo such as extra lives. The meaninglessness of an imaginary currency that does not buy you food does not stop me from being highly competitive. I will get that 10 lingots damnit.

Work is a-mounting and I am trying to maintain a calm composure and to remember to take care of my health. To remember that there is life outside of work. Speaking of which –

I should get back to reading papers now.