It’s Christmas Day and I am bored. I don’t celebrate Christmas myself but we are going to my cousin’s later because their family does.

Yesterday I was mopey because of FOMO. Yes, for you oldies out there, FOMO is a thing and it means Fear Of Missing Out. Somewhere besides here, someone was having a grand party. With bubbles and champagne. I glowered at my hot pot. The negativity begot more negativity. So instead of enjoying my hotpot and Leo’s company I was moody the entire night and gave the taxi driver a middle finger on the way back. My first middle finger in a very long time.

Well, in my defence he was trying to swindle us. He put in a RM2 surcharge although there was no reason to (we didn’t book the taxi, and it was way before midnight), and ¬†insisted that we pay RM11.2 instead of RM9.2. Normally I would either pay it or argue, but I was in no mood to do either. We insisted to pay our fare with no surcharge, then he started insulting us about not being able to afford RM2.

I was so pissed off that I left the car, and slammed the door behind me.

“Fuck you! I will come and slap your face!” He got out of the car and waved a fist at me.

I gave him a death stare and flipped him off. And stomped up the steps into safety. Leo paid him the exact amount that we should, nothing more.

I went to bed, still seething in a cloud of negativity. This morning I woke up feeling better and we talked through some stuff, so my middle fingers are now retired and occupied in the wholesome activity of typing.

I am still bored. We’re going shopping now for groceries to bring some vegetarian cooking to the dinner later. I’m going to wow the meat-eating crowd with some awesome tempeh.