So there comes a point in time when one is hiding out in one’s room because one of one’s cats caught a big rat and is flinging a dead rat around in the living room, and one takes this opportunity to write on one’s blog which one has neglected for 2.5 months.

This is one of those times. I’m hungry, there’s a dead rat floundering around outside of my room, and mi novio is out so is unavailable to sweep up the body. Woe is me!

Ooh el novio has returneth and, with great trepidation I peeked out of the room but the rat body was nowhere to be found! The suspect Dos had left the crime scene along with his foster mum Suki, with a presumably innocent Spot snoozing on the sofa, lending a false sense of serenity to the atmosphere. The plot thickens. El novio had started to doubt my words and overestimate my imagination when, finally he found the dead body… in the cats’ drinking bowl. Floating.

And so a dripping Mr. Dead Rat joins the recently deceased Ms. Dead Bird in a growing cemetery of dead-by-cat creatures that we have had to dispose of in a nearby bush outside of the house.

If anything, this has created a blog post out of nowhere, and you, random visitor of the website or long-time stalker can reap the benefits of the circumstances involving a killer cat, a dead rat and a cowardly cat owner.